Fallen in World War I

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Principles of indexing:

  • This list includes the surnames of fallen soldiers during the World War from 1914-1918 found on tombstone inscriptions.
  • There are surnames of soldiers of all armies involved in the war as well as civilians. It is possible to find many Poles among the fallen soldiers who were forced to serve in foreign armies. Additionally, items designated as “German", for example, do not mean the persons interred there were of German ethnicity.
  • The index includes cemeteries and places of memory located within the borders of Poland.
  • Because many graves from this time period are in a constant state of deterioration, indexing them is the only way to save and commemorate the surnames of the fallen. Some soldiers area buried far from their homes, and frequently families are not able to identify the final resting place of these soldiers. The soldiers, although they were Polish, fought in the armies of all the partitioning powers.
  • The index includes surnames of Poles as well as soldiers of other nationalities. Let's remember that death equalizes all regardless of what uniform they wore. We therefore are recording German or Russian surnames as part of this project and, hopefully, somebody will undertake a similar project in some corner of Europe listing surnames of Poles who died far from their homes.
  • The database is always being added to with information taken from soldiers’ graves as well as historical printed sources. It is worth noting that an inscription that today gives the personal data about interred soldiers can disappear at any time and with it departs the memory of the fallen.
  • This page includes a simple search engine; however, it should be noticed that Polish surnames were often distorted, so information regarding the deceased can be difficult to recover.
  • In some cases we recorded data from memorial tablets located in border regions. These surnames usually contained local neighboring inhabitants whose names appeared, some of whom were inhabitants of areas now in Poland.
  • If you notice any errors or inaccuracies, please bring them to our attention.
  • You can help in indexing

    When you find a military cemetery from the period of World War I, or commemorative memorial tablets, record the data in a spread sheet format according to the following sequence:

    Surname Name Military rank/
    Military unit Death date
    Death place Burial place Localization
    (e.g. military cemetery/
    parish cemetery)
    Province Birth date Birth place Notations

    Download sample Excel Sheet

    Usually the amount of information about the deceased is minimal; however, it is always very valuable. Please send such data according to the model above to: Witold Mazuchowski for placing in our index.
    If there is no information about those buried in the cemetery, please send us such information also.

    Each piece of information is a small brick, which will build a huge project. This project memorializing individuals is not only about soldiers, but also about our fathers, brothers, sons, who have perished on the battlefield.

    Contributors to our project include

    Main inventor of project: Waldemar Fronczak
    Service and project management: Witold Mazuchowski
    © 2007